There are several powerful modules that ship together with RSS Factory PRO. All these modules have a lot of configuration options that allow you to display the feed content as flexible as you need. On the left you can see some of the possibilities, but the combinations are so many that we could not fit them in this page.

 There are basically three modules that get installed, but by creating copies of them (in joomla admin / modules / duplicate) you can configure them independently and customize their look to your needs.

The Categories Module - is a tree like module that displays the RSS category structure

RSS Top Voted Module - is a module that displays the most popular news on your site

You can display top Voted News from one, several or all categories. Also you can configure the way feeds are displayed.


RSS Factory Module - is a generic versatile module that allows you to display any news feed with a large number of customization options

There are a lot of options for our RSS Factory Module:

  • You can set up the sort order in that the feeds are selected - Random, Date and Voted
  • Number of feeds displayed in the module
  • You can limit the Titel lenght
  • You can limit the news content
  • You can show feeds from only one category, several or all
  • There are several ways the feeds can be displayed - Sliders,Tabbed, draggable divs, Tiled or simple list.
  • You can create a smart filtering - you can show for specific content categories only feeds from a specific RSS category

RSS Factory PRO Module